What is the difference between the iPhone and a Smartphone?

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What is the difference between the iPhone and a Smartphone? 5

Do you have problems with the new terminology concerning mobile phones as well as the latest technologies?

Don’t be worried, I’ll be able to explain the process, and you’ll discover that it’s quite simple.

What is the difference between the iPhone and the Smartphone?

An iPhone is a phone model made by the name Apple. It is only manufactured by the company and features specific characteristics. The term “phone” is a generic name used for all mobile phones which are considered sophisticated and come with touchscreens (the iPhone is one of these models, in addition to other models).

After this brief explanation, let’s look at the details of what is an iPhone and smartphones are, as well as the differences between them.

The iPhone


The iPhone is a model that was created by Apple in the year 2007. Since then, Apple has released at most one new iPhone every year, and sometimes offered in various versions (S Plus, C, and).

Concerning materials, the primary purposes of these models are:



Connection to cell phones (3G and 4G)

Find my phone’s location using GPS

Of course, the essential mobile phone functions such as SMS, calls, and MMS

Since its launch, more than two million iPhones were sold around the world.


Apple is an American company founded in 1976. It has been extremely innovative in the field of computing.

Then there was a huge transformation of the famed Macintosh computer.

It was the time to enhance the realm of music by introducing the iPod, which took over with the Walkman as well as CD players.

Then, it changed the world of mobile phones with the first iPhone released in the year 2007. This model was initially viewed as a lone wolf among the popular models of that time, such as those of Nokia 2600 (very close to the legendary 3310).

In the present, Apple tries to stay at the top of these domains:

Desktop computers using the iMacOpens in the new tab. The Mac ProOpens in an entirely new tab. And Mac MiniOpens in a new tab.

Personal computers using Apple’s MacBook, MacBook AirOpens in an entirely new tab. as well as MacBook ProOpens in a new tab.

Music using the iPodOpens in an entirely new tab. It’s still available, as well as unique features such as the AirPodsOpens the new tab. and the HomePod

Smartphones that have the iPhone open icon in an entirely new tab.

Tab using the iPad opens in an entirely new tab. The iPad Pro and iPad ProOpens within a brand new tab.

Television using TV from Apple TVOpens in the new tab.

Recently, the smartwatches that come with Apple WatchOpens in a brand new tab.

A large portion of Apple’s earnings comes from its marketplace for apps as well as the content that it provides to its products in all forms as we’ll learn in the future (Apple receives at least 30% of every transaction).

iPhone operating system

The iPhone runs an operating system also created by Apple and is confined to Apple’s main product line (iPhone, iPad, and iPod).

This operating system is known as iOS.

As a guideline, an important update is offered every time a new version of the iPhone is released, however, older models can also benefit.

The most impressive thing that happened when the very first iPhone launched was its suite of apps.

It was possible to purchase a mobile that had a set quantity of features however, it was also possible to modify it by adding applications that would meet your requirements (news games and productivity, social media, etc.). …).

Other details

You must be aware that the iPhone is unique in a way that other smartphones do not. Similar to the usage of Apple’s operating system, Apple is also known for using its connectors.

For example for instance, for instance, the iPhone X doesn’t have a USB connector or jack.

Apple has decided to bet upon its lightning connector, which can be utilized for charging your iPhone as well as to connect into your earphones.

Be aware that you’re almost required to make use of the iTunes app to connect your iPhone to your computer.

The Smartphone


Smartphones are a type of mobile phone and multi-purpose computing device for mobile phones.

They differ from feature phones because of their more powerful hardware capabilities as well as vast mobile operating systems that support a wider range of software internet access (including web browsing [1] on mobile broadband) as well as multimedia functions (including video, music cameras, gaming, and more) in addition to basic phone functions, such as texts and voice calls.

The smartphone at first was an extraordinary device compared to older mobile phones, which didn’t offer an internet connection, and did not possess a touchscreen.

Today, the majority of cell phones are smartphones.


There are many smartphone manufacturers.

At the time I was making these notes, the top 3 brands that had the highest sales were:

Samsung has launched the Galaxy series, has brought Samsung, has launched the Galaxy S10Opens in a new tab. (high-quality model)

Huawei, with P30Opens tab in a new tab. and P30 ProOpens inside the new tab. models that are among the top-selling at the moment

And then Apple is now available with the iPhone FXOpen in an entirely new tab. the most current version (high-quality model)

Many other brands have top smartphones such as Sony, Xiaomi, or Blackberry.

Since the term “smartphone” is applied to the kind of device that is high-tech, every brand can develop its own.

Operating systems

Every brand is also able to choose which operating system it will make use of. We’ve seen that certain brands run their operating systems, like the iOS or Blackberry OS, but it is also possible to utilize different operating systems that are available to redistribute, such as Android as well as Windows Mobile.

As of the moment I wrote these words I was writing this, the majority of phones use Android.

Here are the numbers from StatCounter in February of 2019:

Android: 74.15%

iOS: 23.28%

As you will see, there’s not enough space for other operating systems.

Even the huge Microsoft does not surpass the 1% by using the mobile version of its operating system.

Android is created by Google and is available on phones of all the major manufacturers (except the iPhone from Apple) that’s why it’s the cause of these figures.

On the other hand, iOS is only used by iPhones.

Other attributes

Given the sheer number of rivals on the market for smartphones, Each brand will attempt to come up with new ideas with each new release and there’s no restriction on the available specs.

Display dimensions as well as weight, depth double SIM, more robust camera and SD card connectors, battery power waterproof, etc… The process of selecting smartphones is getting more and more complex and expensive.

If you’re looking for an affordable smartphone then you should consider one from the Chinese manufacturer (HuaweiOpens in an entirely new tab. or XiaomiOpens in a new tab. For example).

They are still offering models for sale at a reasonable price (less than $500) and of excellent quality. You’ll never regret it.

The rates paid from Samsung or Apple aren’t logical and don’t need a reason to justify them.

The differences in iPhone and Smartphone


Smartphone refers to a mobile phone that is intelligent regardless of what model and features it sports.

iPhone is the brand name for the range of smartphones created by Apple.

It’s like when you try to make a comparison between the characteristics of a “car” with a “Mustang” It’s a waste of time.

Here’s a simple diagram to help you comprehend:

The large oval represents all smartphones around the world.

iPhone iPhone is a subcategory of this oval, similar to Samsung Galaxy or the Samsung Galaxy, or the Huawei PX.


An iPhone belongs to only Apple. It is an exclusive model from the brand (just similar to a Mustang is an automobile model belonging to Ford).

The word “phone” is a name that is used by 99% of mobile phones and it is produced by any manufacturer (just as the case that I gave of “car” I gave before).

Operating system

The iPhones all use iOS which is the operating system created by Apple for mobile phones.

A smartphone can be used with any operating system, and it is the manufacturer which makes this decision (even if the majority of the phones that don’t belong to Apple make use of Android).


I hope the differences between iPhone and smartphones are obvious to you and you’ll never mix them ever again.

Think about the image that comes from “car” and “Mustang” If it can help you.

Smartphones are a collection of mobile phones that are intelligent (99 percent of all mobile phones) and the iPhone is a type of smartphone that is similar to other models accessible.

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