iPhone and. Android: Which is the best in your case?

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iPhone and. Android: Which is the best in your case? 5

selecting between two of the major mobile players is based on which features and specs are significant to you. Here’s what you should be aware of to make the best choice.

Do you want to begin a debate? Simply say, “There’s no question Android phones are the best,” “iPhones are worth every penny,” “Only a dolt would use an iPhone,” or “Android sucks,” and then just sit in the back.

Did you get that out of your system? Good. Both iPhones running iOS and Android-powered smartphones Android come with their strengths and weaknesses.

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There is no doubt It’s a battle between these two operating systems for mobile phones. There are a lot of alternatives that are dead and gone. Microsoft for instance, recently acknowledged “We had no material Phone revenue this quarter.” Canonical Ubuntu Linux, Ubuntu Linux’s main company, has decided to stop making smartphones. BlackBerry is the brand name, but the company that makes “BlackBerry” phones is now making use of Android.

Today and for as long as I can imagine the only choices you have are Android smartphones as well as iPhones.

This is how they stack with 12 essential aspects of the mobile experience.

Ease of use

People are fond of saying that Apple products are reliable. Sure, the iOS interface is indeed simple to use. However, it’s not as easy as it is with the Android interface. In truth, if you can make use of one, you shouldn’t struggle with the alternative.

Sure, it was a decade ago at the time when iPhone first came out, as well Windows Mobile and Nokia Symbian phones were in competition and the iPhone was a complete blow to them. It was so much more user-friendly.

However, that was a decade ago. There’s today nothing that distinguishes the two most popular OSes on phones in terms of ease of use.

If we place the appearance of your home screen and its setup in this category, the trend is towards Android. Android smartphones provide more control over your computer and the applications it runs. I love having control. If you’re content with what Apple offers you This can be the home screen, include a picture if you like being unique great for you. However, I prefer being able to customize my phone how I like it to be, and Android phones allow me to do this. This flexibility has been a huge help in helping Android establish trust with customers.

Finish, fit, and price

iPhones are gorgeous. Thank you, Jony I’ve.

Android phones Well, they differ. Wildly.

Certain models, like those like Samsung S7 and the Google Pixel, are just as beautiful as Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus. In fact, by controlling every aspect of the production procedure, Apple makes sure iPhones are well-made and have a great fit, However, the same is true for the major Android phone makers. However, certain Android phones are plain ugly.

One reason is that Apple produces nothing but premium phones. There is never a “cheap” iPhone. If you’re not willing to shell out a fortune for an iPhone the only option is to purchase a used one.

Decent Android phones can cost just $100. Are they stylish? They’re not however, they can accomplish the task at just a fraction of the cost that you pay for an iPhone. (If you’re thinking about how easy it is to get rid of the iPhone and switch to an Android device, here’s our switch guide. )

Closed vs. open systems

The iPhone is as exclusive as ever. If you don’t need anything you cannot get from Apple and you don’t want to pay for it, then go ahead. However If are an iPhone user looking to purchase an Amazon ebook through the Kindle app, or to watch the latest Google Play movie using Play Movies and Play Movies, it’s not possible.

Android is open source and flexible to applications from other sources. Remember, Apple hasn’t yet ported any applications to Android and hasn’t ever planned to. If your music library is built on iTunes and you’re tied to iPhones.

For most people, no difference doesn’t make a difference. If you’re a fan of open systems over closed ones, this is an important distinction.

A.I. and voice assistants

In the case of Google Assistant vs. Siri, There’s no doubt about the winner being Google Assistant by a country mile.

Google Assistant provides more than just a great voice interface for Google search. If you’re using Google applications, like Google Calendar as well as Google Maps, Google Assistant will make your life easier. If you’re planning to meet an acquaintance for lunch and then there’s a lot of traffic. Google Assistant will work out that you have to depart early for the appointment and will inform you in advance. That’s cool.

Siri could have been the first on the market However, it’s still fairly basic. It’s good to answer questions however it’s not all that useful as an assistant.

If you’re looking for a compelling justification to pick one OS over the other, however, Google Assistant isn’t it. It’s also accessible for iPhones.

Timely updates

On the contrary, is an area in which Apple can beat Android hollow. When Apple launches an upgrade or patches, the entire phones the ones that are supported by Apple — are updated. For Android handsets … you have to a matter of praying and pray for the most optimal.

Contrary to the iPhone in which every single detail is controlled by Apple In the case of Android, Google supplies the base operating system as well as some software, and it’s left the manufacturer of the phone to release updates and patches. If you have a premium phone, you’ll likely receive patches, but with other Android phones, chances are that you won’t even get the security patch.

According to Skycure the provider of mobile threat defense more than three-quarters of Android devices has outdated security. My biggest surprise is the fact that this figure is this low. I would have predicted that 90 percent of Android devices were running outdated software.

This becomes old, to speak.

However, iOS updates can be unstable. Apple must perform better with quality assurance. I’m not able to recall one instance where an important iOS update didn’t cause an issue with Wi-Fi, beginning in iOS 6 and continuing through the most recent version of iOS 11.

My Android updates, however, work. If I can get them, they work.

Advantage: Apple.


It’s not that Android has security issues; it’s because Google is less strict than Apple regarding the apps it allows in its store for apps. Indeed, the best way to ensure that malware is not on your Android device is to install apps through Google Play. Google Play store. Even that, Google reports that 0.16 percent of apps contain malware.

If you’re an iPhone user, be careful not to get too confident. There’s iPhone malware that’s out there waiting for a confident user to download a suspicious program.

But, iPhones are inherently safer. (If you’re on the Android device and are in the right place to switch to iPhone this is our Android-to-iPhone switch guide. )


It’s not clear to you, but I like to connect my smartphones to other devices. This is where Android is the best choice. All Android devices have standard USB ports, which means numerous gadgets could connect to your smartphone. For iPhones, it is necessary to have a device that can connect to the company’s proprietary Lightning port.

Another Android benefit has to do with the fact that USB cords and accessories are more affordable as compared to Lightning port counterparts.

Life of the battery and charge

This is a difficult one to judge since every Android phone is unique. Based on my experience, and mostly for Samsung or Motorola handsets, Android phones don’t need to be changed regularly as iPhones. Charge times may vary and this is an advantage depending on the device you’re using it with and the way you make use of it.

Cloud integration

iCloud remains an absolute problem for me, no whatever platform I use it on. It’s not just me. a person who is having issues with iCloud.

Android However, it’s fully integrated with Google’s apps and services. I utilize Google apps almost every day to work and have fun. Thanks to the help of an Android smartphone and Google Now home screen, I also have access to all the information I need from private (local travel) to the world (President Trump’s latest news [JE2and the latest news from President Trump[JE2 ).

Google Photos has unlimited storage and comes with a simple photo editor. Indeed, it’s not the best option, but iCloud Photo Library also is great however, accessing iCloud across different devices can be a problem.

In the end for cloud integration, Android is the one to beat.


Google cannot seem to come to any decision about its video, voice as well as IM applications. I believe that Google Hangouts is Google’s main communication application However, I could be wrong.

With iPhones, It’s Facetime for all time. Facetime is an excellent videoconferencing application. I would love it to be available across more than Apple platforms However, if the entire family or group uses Apple then you’re well-equipped.


I’m not a camera expert however I do know that camera quality varies greatly when using Android phones. The Galaxy S8, which uses the same hardware as the S7 however, appears to be a little further behind the flagship iPhone 7 Plus.

Both cameras are extremely great. Based on my personal experience, the iPhone is slightly better in all things. However, it is the Galaxy models, thanks to their wide-angle lens are slightly better at selfies.

Advantage The iPhone is a picture finish.

Software selection

In the past, it was possible to argue that there were superior apps in one app store than on the other. Today it’s an uncontested tie. In addition, with 2.8 million apps available on Google Play and Google Play store and 2.2 million in the Apple App Store, it’s not likely that you’ll ever be short of games to play.

Select one that’s within your budget and requirements.

All of it together and you won’t find an easy, universally-fit-all solution to your needs. Like I mentioned at the start each phone’s ecosystem has its pros and cons.

It’s all about your budget and what is important to your most. For me, the best choice is Android and I’m going to be a snob for having an iPhone in contrast to others I can think of.

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