How to enable dark mode on Facebook

Nowadays dark mode is popular among most of the apps and it has come to Facebook app also as a new feature of the app. This is an easy transition from old versions. Lots of Facebook users are getting the dark side of the phones graphical user interface in normal. After few years this will be a very popular and usual thing, but the dark side on this one is not a bad thing at all.

Apple has introduced a global dark mode option on iOS 13 in 2019. At present, Android 10 and above support a global dark setting. Facebook is working on a dark mode option independent of any operating system, just like other app developers had to do for years before iOS and Android had the option in the system. The windows and iOS Facebook and messenger apps, iOS Messenger, and Android Messenger have this dark mode setting of Facebook.

, How to enable dark mode on Facebook, sinroid

But this feature is not allow in Facebook app of iOS and Android. As the Facebook app doesn’t offer the new option yet unless you were part of the small group that could run Facebook Beta in early 2020  or you are one of many users lucky enough to get the November test rollout on iOS. However some browsers are having their own setting to cache for dark mode. Various devices have a different process of setting dark mode on Facebook due to its compatibility. I have mentioned some of operating systems’ methods of activation dark mode on that.


Enable Facebook dark mode on Android and iOS  

iOS and Android messenger apps have this feature. Facebook just has to wait until the official release of the dark mode option. I know you are willing to get the global dark mode setting in your Android 10 or above ( or iOS 13 and above ) device, it doesn’t appear to change Facebook at all.


Enable Facebook dark mode in the Android App.

The dark mode feature in Facebook app of Android is still on the testing level. Only beta testers can try it out. But you will realize, the dark black and gray designs still include some kinks, forcing testers to switch from light to dark at different times.


The steps of turning on the dark mode in the Android Facebook App.

  • Tap the “hamburger” menu icon with three horizontal lines, on Facebook home.
  • Click on “Setting and privacy” in the main menu
  • Tap “settings” in the submenu
  • If dark mode is available, you’ll see the option listed in the submenu. Click on “Dark mode” to open the options.
  •  Select “on” to activate Dark mode.

, How to enable dark mode on Facebook, sinroid

Enable Facebook dark mode on Mac and Windows Browsers

You can follow these steps to turn on Dark mode for Facebook in a Windows or macOS browser,

  • Click on the downward facing arrow in the upper right section of Facebook
  • Find Dark mode under the settings and move the slide to the right to activate the option. Then you can fulfil your purpose. The Facebook pages will appear with a black background instead of white.

The most important thins is when you switching from light mode to dark mode on Facebook, the setting changes across the board. Every page, including Messenger, will show the dark UI.


Facebook Messenger Dark mode in iOS

Well, this is actually a simple thing to do. Click on your profile pic in the top left corner and then move the slider to the right to enable Dark Mode.


Enable Facebook Dark Mode in iOS

You can follow the steps I mentioned below to see if the option is there yet for your iOS Facebook app.

  • On Facebook Home and tap the “hamburger” menu icon found on the bottom right section.
  • Select “Settings and Privacy” in the main menu and select “Dark Mode” from the expanded menu


Facebook Messenger Dark Mode in iOS

You can do the following steps.

  • Choose your profile picture, located in the upper left corner
  • Select the Dark mode option


The dark mode is not available in every country for the Facebook Lite app. But if you want to turn-on this feature, follow the instructions for the regular Android Facebook Dark Mode setting.

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