How do you know if you’re using the iPhone, Android Smartphone, or Doro Phone

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How do you know if you're using the iPhone, Android Smartphone, or Doro Phone 5

This page will explain how to identify whether you own an Apple iPhone, Android phone, or Doro smartphone.

If you own tablets, check out our page about the identification of tablets with iPads as well as Android tablets on this page.

Some books cater to iPhones made by Apple iPhone, Smartphones that are built-in Google’s Android system, and Doro smartphones. So, you’ll have a manual for the system that your Smartphone is running.

The only issue is that you have to be aware of what you’ve got! However, do not worry it will help you identify …


One of the most effective ways to identify an iPhone is to check the back of it. If it’s marked “iPhone” or you can see a photo of an apple that has the bite of it It’s probably an iPhone. It’s like this:

Android Smartphones

On the back, Android Smartphones look different from the other ones, because they’re manufactured by a variety of firms. They’re not even required to say Android on them. However, it will usually display “Google” on the screen when you switch the device on. If it displays one of these, it’s most likely to be Android:


Samsung Galaxy

Sony Xperia


Asus ZenFone




In general, the easiest method to determine is to figure out whether it’s an iPhone it’s straightforward because they’ll have an iPhone at the bottom (you might have to remove it from the case if you have one). If it’s not an iPhone the chances are it runs Android.

Doro Smartphone

The majority of Doro smartphones display The word Doro at the rear (and occasionally, the sides). It is possible to remove it from its case to view it. Our Doro book includes the majority of Doro Smartphones, but not flip phones (with actual numbers on them). ).

If the phone you have is like one of these and you are looking for a book that is similar to either of these, then the Doro book is to choose:

If you’re unsure, contact us at 01229 777606 or talk with Emma, Michelle, Jade, or Stella and they’ll assist you to find the issue.

Other kinds of smartphones

Another possibility is that it could be operating Windows 10, 8.1, or 8. It’s a common feature on PCs and laptops but isn’t so common on Smartphones however, you can test. If the device is operating Windows and you open it up, you’ll see an image similar to this. It’s made up of rectangles, which are known as tiles.

If you don’t have a display like that, it’s probably not Windows.

And if it’s not one of the iPhone (because the back of it does not have an iPhone in the rear) also if it’s not Windows (because it does not have these rectangular tiles) and it doesn’t have the word Doro the phone is using Android.

One final thing

If you’re unsure if that you’ve made the right choice, it’s always possible to call (01229 77606) and ask to speak about it with Emma, Jade, Alicia, Karen, or Steph and they’ll assist you in identifying it. If everything turns to worst, and you discover you’ve purchased the wrong book, don’t be concerned. Let us know and we’ll be able to switch them for you.

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