Are there any well-known motives for why people make use of smartphones daily?

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Are there any well-known motives for why people make use of smartphones daily? 5

Did you know you most people living in the UK are now spending an entire day a week using their mobile?

This may sound to be a lot of information But consider this According to the findings of the same Ofcom report that was referenced by Telegraph the Telegraph, one-fifth of 16-24-year young people spend an average of seven hours per day online. This is equivalent to more than two whole, 24 hour days every single week.

As you’d expect, there’s a huge digital divide that exists between generations. Only 1% of people over 65s and 66% of 55-64-year-olds claim to are spending more than fifty hours each week online, be it using their smartphone or laptop computer, or tablet. This is in contrast to only 18% of those aged between 16-25 – which is the equivalent of more than 1.1 million teenagers.

The Ofcom report also found that the average smartphone user checks their phone every 12 minutes – whether to check emails, respond to texts, share with a friend another hilarious cat video, or browse Facebook!

The evolution of smartphones

The fact that smartphone use has been increasing is not a surprise. Our devices are getting more advanced and smarter every day. Do you remember the days when we had to carry a digital camera along with our smartphones? What a waste!

As smartphones become more technologically advanced, and consequently more expensive to purchase It’s essential to get high-quality insurance for your smartphone. It will cover the costs caused by accidental damage to the phone (e.g. breaking its screen) or even losing it. It is also possible to be protected against theft of your phone.

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Call: rejected

The study in conjunction with found that the main purpose of phones namely to make and receive calls has been vanishing from the market. Today, people are more likely to interact with their family and friends via email or text messages or via messaging via social media.

Surveying 2,017 smartphone owners across the UK, found that 27% had not made calls for over a week, and 5 percent confessed to never taking a phone call. Six out of 10 (63 percent) respondents stated that they’d only answer the call when they are aware of the person calling them as well as a third stated they’d only reject calls even if they didn’t expect it.

What’s the message? If you need to contact anyone quickly, the best method is to text them a message or email them.

How do you make use of our phones the most?

If we’re not using mobile phones to make calls What is it that we’re doing using the phones? The study identified the top 10 usages for smartphones:

Texting (88 percent make use of this)

Email (70%)

Facebook (62%)

Camera (61%)

News reading (58 percent)

Shopping online (56 percent)

Monitoring the weather (54 percent)

WhatsApp (51%)

Banking (45%)

Watching YouTube videos (42 percent)

As we can tell, calls did not make the top 10 list. The feature came in 11th place and only 41% of users frequently using the feature.

Other uses for smartphones

HTML0In this study a few respondents admitted using their phones for a variety of motives (note not to recommend testing these apps in your home):

  • I took pictures of a spot on my back
  • Recording conversations as evidence at work
  • Utilizing the phone to act as a bottle opener
  • It can be used as the equivalent of a tool to hammer
  • It can be used to warm your bed
  • Utilizing it to scratch back
  • Making it an object of paper
  • Use the reflection to watch on those behind you
  • Making it into an opportunity to the nutcracker
  • It can be used for a cutting board
  • There’s still life on the phone that’s not!

If you’ve recently purchased an all-new smartphone or are considering purchasing one, you may be thinking about what to do with your old one. Instead of throwing it away in a drawer, and forgetting the device, why don’t you turn it into something interesting? PCMag gives some suggestions:

Make it into a camera that you can let your children use. It is possible to use Wi-Fi to transmit the photos directly to an email account which means you can print them out and put them on the refrigerator!

Make it a gaming phone. There are a lot of games available to download for Apple as well as Android devices that don’t require an internet connection.

When you’re spending a significant amount of time on apps such as Skype and FaceTime it is possible to turn your phone into a video-calling device. It will help you save energy on the new phone!

If you’re a fan of books, but don’t have the money to shell out for an electronic reader or tablet, you can use your smartphone. You can download Amazon Kindle on your phone. Amazon Kindle app on your Apple or Android device, and sync the books you’ve purchased, Prime Reading, and even free ebooks.

Do you favor attending to books willingly than reading them? Install an app such as Audible Relax, then utilize your phone for listening to your favorite books.

If you’re a subscriber to an online streaming service for music and you’re not you could save the battery in your new phone by using the old phone as a music player. You can listen to music using earphones or connect it to the Bluetooth speaker and turn up the volume!

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