4 Best Smartphones for Seniors in 2021

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4 Best Smartphones for Seniors in 2021 5

The smartphones, for the largest of the time, have opened technology to the older generation, with their intuitive and huge touch screens are easier to use than phones with buttons (or circle-dial phones).

When deciding on the best smartphones for older adults, we considered different criteria, including screen size and brightness, accessibility features, and the latest technology. Do your grandpa and grandma think that an Android is the same metal trashcan in “Lost In Space”? It’s about time to take them by the hand and help them transition into the future. The following phones ought to convince them that the technology of smartphones isn’t that frightening.

1. Motorola Moto G7 Power

What’s one of the frequent problems that come with growing more mature and older? Forgetfulness. If the person you’re thinking of purchasing a phone isn’t a great use of them There’s a high possibility that they’ll not recharge it each night, just like we do.

Therefore, a large, flexible battery is a great option, which is the reason why this Moto G7 Power can be an ideal choice. There are additional features than just the 5000mAh battery, however. G7 Power G7 Power has a 6.2-inch display, which is large and is at the top of the range of smartphone display It also has the stock Android which is completely uncluttered and comes with among the most simple UIs in the market of smartphones.

Its Moto G7 Power was never an expensive phone of the top end at first however, after being on the market for several years, and is available for around $120. A great price for a piece of equipment!


6.2-inch display that has a resolution of 720 x 1570 pixels


32/64GB internal memory, expandable

5,000mAh battery


Android 10

Hearing aid-compatible

2. Doro 8080

The Doro series of smartphones has earned a name as being among the top phones designed specifically for older smartphone users. Although it’s designed specifically for people who have special accessibility needs, Doro 8080 is a stylish and elegant phone. Doro 8080 is a modern and stylish phone running Android 9.0 Pie, with a hefty 5.7-inch LCD with a decent (if not outstanding) resolution.

Best Smartphone For Seniors Doro 8080

One of the more unique options, there’s an assist button at the rear of your smartphone, which immediately calls your designated family members and friends, as well as notifying your GPS position in the event of an emergency. The charging cradle is a good feature, as it lets you use your phone without your hands on your bedside table or any other area of your home.

Beyond this it, beyond that, the Doro 8080 can be described as a high-quality and reliable phone with a decent camera, clear sound, and an audio boost function that is suitable for the difficult to hear. It’s also a hearing aid Compatible (HAC).


5.7-inch display that has a resolution of 720 x 1440 pixels


32 GB internal storage capacity, capable of expansion via microSD up to 128 GB.

Camera with 16 MP for the rear. 5-megapixel front camera

3,200 mAh battery


Android 9.0

Hearing aid-compatible

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

There’s no reason that senior smartphone owners shouldn’t have an experience of what the experience of a flagship smartphone is like, and there’s no reason to shell out $600 for the most recent flagship phone when a less expensive alternative will suffice. The Galaxy Note 8 is a winner in the awards. Galaxy Note 8 is an excellent choice for a perfect balance and is a great purchase. It launched in 2017 and has the largest and sharp 6.3-inch screen with 1440p super-AMOLED that’s one of the clearest on any smartphone. The fingerprint sensor helps you faster unlock your phone, rather than fumbling around with PIN codes. Importantly, you can buy it for just $300 today.

Best Smartphone For Seniors Galaxy Note 8

The feature that is unique to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 that may draw grandma and grandpa’s attention is the S-Pen stylus that allows you to draw and write on the screen, just as you would use a real pen. It is a great handwriting recognition device that recognizes your handwriting and then converts it into text. In terms of technical aspects, it is the top phone for seniors on this list.

Although it’s been a few years since it’s a top-quality, powerful phone that is easily adjustable to make it more accessible, larger font sizes, and more. The last OS version came in Android 9.0 Pie, which is still fairly current and comes with the majority of OS features you’d expect from a modern smartphone.


6.3-inch Super AMOLED LCD featuring a resolution of 1440×2960 pixels


64 GB up to 256 GB internal storage

12-megapixel rear camera 8 MP for the front camera

3,300 mAh battery


Android 9.0

Hearing aid-compatible

4. EmporiaSmart.3S

The most advanced edition of the common accessibility-focused EmporiaSmart isn’t just a phone created for senior smartphone users, it’s an up-to-date and important smartphone in itself. It comes with essential accessibility features like large buttons on the display with hearing aids, a hearing the aid-compatible phone, and an emergency call for the Help button, but it also runs Android 9.0 and comes with an HD resolution.

Best Smartphones For Senior Citizens Emporiasmart3

The 5.5-inch screen is an absolute minimum for senior smartphone users as it allows plenty of room for less precise button presses and is an ideal size to allow for clear you can see everything that’s onscreen. The phone also includes a complete instruction manual, which helps novice users to understand the basics of using smartphones.

Important technologies like Bluetooth as well as LTE/4G connectivity guarantee that users are capable of connecting to the internet and between devices. This phone is perfect for senior citizens.


5.5-inch display that has a resolution of 720 x 1440 pixels


16 GB internal memory, that can be expanded via microSD to 64 GB.

The rear camera has 13 MP 8 MP for the front camera

2,500 mAh battery


Android 9.0

Hearing aids compatible with M4/T4 ratings

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