🤩 Why my first game failed? + How Much Money my Mobile Game Made?

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Why my first Android game failed + Earnings from my first indie game, this is only simple gamedev case.

➤Blog post: https://donislawdev.com/why-my-first-android-game-failed-mini-case-study

➤Other Blog post (more about earnings): https://donislawdev.com/earnings-and-statistics-from-my-first-android-game-bomb-rain/

➤WishList my new game: (Yerba Mate Tycoon)

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*I’m not posting links to Bomb Rain (game on the video) because Ii think it’s not worth playing, but if you wish to check it out, search for “Bomb Rain – Tap Reflex Game” on Google Play. This is my first video, sorry for all mistakes.

OGLPLAYS Android iOS Gameplays (gameplay on the video)

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