🤩 Top 7 Android App Projects & App Ideas 2021

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Checkout the Top 7 Android Apps to boost your android development skills by making android projects

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There is a huge demand for android based applications in the market as they are user-friendly & easy to operate. Moreover, more than 72% smartphones work on Android OS. Since android apps have diverse application in various fields of technology & in every day-to-day life, Android projects hold a significance importance for many tech enthusiasts, students, engineers, researchers,etc.

This video presents a list of top 7 Android projects:
7. Covid Contact Tracing Android App – https://nevonprojects.com/covid-contact-tracing-android-application/
6. Food Waste Management Android App – https://nevonprojects.com/waste-food-management-donation-app/
5. Online Driver Hiring Android App – https://nevonprojects.com/online-driver-hiring-android-app/
4. Online Doctor Appointment App With live Chat & Disease Prediction – https://nevonprojects.com/doctor-appointment-booking-live-chat-app/
3. Smart Paperless Parking Automation Android App – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdB0shDK0b4
2. Currency Note Detector & Voice Assistant App For Blind – https://nevonprojects.com/currency-detector-app-for-visually-impaired/
1. Android Food Order and Food Delivery Android App – https://nevonprojects.com/android-food-order-and-delivery-app/
For more project Android projects & ideas visit: https://nevonprojects.com/project-ideas/android-project-ideas/

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