🤩 The New Google Home App Walkthrough

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The New Google Home App Walkthrough

The new Google Home application on iOS or Android devices is absolutely stellar. This new application sets it apart from anyone else in terms of control and capabilities. In this video, I walk you through the entire application and show you some of the new great functions as well as where some of those tricky to find items are.

Honestly, this is probably my favorite application update ever from Google, and it’s all thanks for their Material Theme Design. I absolutely love it, and I think the capabilities they’ve packed into the new application are nothing short of amazing.

Clearly, Google has done some user testing and they’ve worked on making sure that the most commonly used items are front and center. What’s more, is the most commonly used items are easy to use, and it’s easy to understand the application in its entirety.

There are, of course, some tweaks yet. I think the Google Routines portion of the application is difficult to locate and now likely a little harder to use. Things like the settings can be difficult to find if you’re not sure where to look.

Either way, this new #GoogleHome #app is fantastic and that’s why I wanted to walk you through it.

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