🤩 Private Messenger – Android app to block or hide text messages

💯 working
Please download the free app from the Play Store

Features of our android sms blocker:

✔ Default and beautiful material design Text Messenger app replacing the ugly one coming with your phone.
✔ Private threading – make your conversations private, unlockable only with a password key (make sure all other SMS Messenger apps are removed from your device)
✔ Spam blocking – setup the app to block messages based on sender number/text, text contained in the message or add specific numbers/contacts in a black. More features coming soon – outgoing SMS block coming in a later version for parental control – stay tuned!
✔ White list – useful if your spammers are more than your friends
✔ Crazy Ex mode – just block that spammy old boyfriend or girlfriend with a click of a checkbox. You will never hear from them ever again! –
✔ Additional features: don’t block, only hide notifications and make the threads private –
You will not get a sound or notification for specific text.
✔ Delivery reports
✔ Group messaging
✔ Customisable thread colours and notifications