🤩 PokéCreator App Review | Get any Pokémon on any Game!

💯 working
PokéCreator App: http://goo.gl/Z6R0gr
Dexter (Pokédex): http://goo.gl/TxjQMD
Pokémon DB site: http://goo.gl/Isil59

Shoutout to Glen for recommending the app!

How to setup and install the Android SDk (ADB and Fastboot): http://youtu.be/gdeIol1m6A0

Phone not recognized by the computer? Install the drivers for your device:
HTC: http://goo.gl/xx2wS
Samsung: http://goo.gl/hmN5w
Sony: http://goo.gl/UCJ1t
Motorola: Ha!

Music for intro: Here We Are by n1tex
Link: http://goo.gl/w4yQX

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My second channel: http://goo.gl/F3LZ5
My gaming channel: http://goo.gl/oa4PU

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