🤩 Making a difference with Android and Google Play

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Hear from five successful founders how they are generating positive social impact with their apps on Google Play.


Jake Ruston, My Earthquake Alerts → http://bit.ly/2NfRpdm
Elvis Chidera, Prepup → http://bit.ly/2LW2cVp
Jimmy Chen, Fresh EBT – Food Stamp Balance → http://bit.ly/2NOifX5
Shao-kan Pi & Ting-Yu Cheng, Forest: Stay focused → http://bit.ly/2oHriy4

Learn more about the social impact opportunity on Google Play and Android in this article → http://bit.ly/2O56VZN

Watch more developer stories → http://bit.ly/2JNZeW0

Subscribe to the channel → http://bit.ly/AndroidDevs1

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