🤩 Logo design in vector ink app for Android | Step by step guide to make Dolphin logo design

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Hari Om Friends, here is a new tutorial on logo design.
#VectorInk is amazing app with multiple features to create #LogoDesigns . Here in this tutorial you will learn to create a logo design dolphin.
In this video I have avoided usuing #ShapeBuilderToolInAndroid which is unique feature in vector ink app.
No doubt shape builder tool is one and only tool available currently in #VectorGraphicsInAndroid.
But in this video I want to show you that same task can be performed in different manner using different tools.
You need to be little more #CreativeGraphicsDesigner and open your mind to different possibilities.
Here we have used #ShapeEditingToolInVectorInk called #BooleanTaskToolInVectorInk .
Shapes are cropped using other shapes to create an amazing logo design.
I recommend you to watch my tutorial on shape editing in vector ink app before watching this tutorial.
Link :https://youtu.be/j2YO4ONgZLo

Hope you like this tutorIAL ON #logoDesignInAndroid #DolphinLogoDesign.

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Thank you (Ambadnya)
Have a creative time !!!

mock up psd used to create thumbnail
attributes : a href=’https://www.freepik.com/psd/logo’Logo psd created by berlionemore_contributor – www.freepik.com #Aniruddha’sCreativeLearners
TWITTER : https://twitter.com/AclTutorials
INSTA : https://www.instagram.com/acl_tutorial


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