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Listonic is a free app that improves the quality of your grocery shopping by making it easier, faster, and most importantly smarter. It is all you would want out of a shopping list and more.

Besides making your shopping a breeze, Listonic provides a wide range of savvy food hacks, smart shopping tips, and overall grocery wizardry, to help you become a smarter shopper and a more conscious consumer. To make sure that Listonic saves you time and money, we focused on speed, simplicity and a user-friendly practical interface.


– It’s easy to use.
– Your shopping lists are always with you – on your phone or on the web. You can access Listonic through your web browser at http://listonic.com!
– Sharing lists with others – it makes shopping with family and friends much easier.
– Intelligent sorting – the products on your lists can be sorted in alphabetical order, arranged manually, or automatically sorted according to store aisles to make your shopping easier and faster.
– Smart food tips – Listonic provides hundreds of useful tips and hacks on buying, preserving, and cooking to help you make the most of your groceries.
– Control your spending – add prices to the items on your shopping list and Listonic automatically calculates your total.
– Your list archives – keep an archive of your past grocery lists for reference.
– Real-Time Syncing – keeps all your shopping lists updated on every device in real-time and backed up in the cloud.
– Quick lists – you can create a quick list from the most often bought products on your past grocery lists.
– Listonic works offline – you can create, view, or edit your shopping lists even when you’re offline.

Moreover, Listonic is FREE and always will be FREE. It can be used on any smartphone on all major platforms.
People all over the world are already enjoying the convenience of Listonic – with over 2 000 000 products added to lists each month.

Have fun shopping with Listonic!

Download our free shopping list app for:
iPhone: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/listonic/id331302745?mt=8
Android: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.l
Windows Phone: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/listonic/2cedbd38-e977-e011-9210-002264c2fb72

For more go to: http://listonic.com/

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