🤩 Leica DISTO D330i Bluetooth and Sketch App – How To Video

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AdvancedDimensions.com will show you how to use the Disto D330i Bluetooth capabilities, connect to an Android phone, and demonstrate the benefits of the Leica DISTO SKETCH App, free on Google Play.

Topics covered in this video:
a) How do I turn on my Disto’s Bluetooth and pair it with my Android phone?
b) How do I transfer measurements that I am taking with my Disto onto a picture in my phone?
b) Can I share this information via email? Can I export to a CSV or PDF file?
c) If I made a sketch in the Disto Sketch App, how do I transfer measurements on to it?
d) What happens if I drag and drop the wrong dimension into my Disto Sketch?

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