🤩 HOW TO RUN ANDROID ON COMPUTER! BEST ANDROID EMULATOR! How to install bluestacks on pc #KronosClash

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This video is showing how to run android on computer and how to install bluestacks on pc. For most PC users bluestacks (blue stacks, bluestack) is the best android emulator, or android simulator. We can run android in widows and play android games on computer with it. How to install bluestacks on windows 7? If your computer is powerful enough, just download free android emulator Bluestacks 3 for windows. It can be found by search of Bluestacks 2018 download. If your computer is old, it might be some errors, like Bluestacks not enough physical memory, bluestacks low memory or driver conflicts. To install bluestacks on old computer you have to make Bluestacks 3 downgrade and install bluestacks older version. For instance bluestacks 0.9 or 0.10.

Bluestacks 2018 download – https://www.bluestacks.com

Rooting – https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2565644

Older versions of apps – https://www.apkmirror.com/

I use this rooted version with flash support – Bluestacks Rooted
Google Drive – https://goo.gl/w3qFkE
Mirror 1 – dl4free.com – https://dl4free.com/?8kyvl4wqhi
Mirror 2 – mega.nz – https://goo.gl/2GFmtZ

For those who experience “Bluestacks not enough physical memory” or “bluestacks low memory” BlueStacksAppPlayer_0.9.30.4239_Rooted
Google Drive – https://goo.gl/bSL2cb
Mirror 1 – dl4free.com – https://dl4free.com/?2ya3f06j32
Mirror 2 – mega.nz – https://goo.gl/MvHyXu

BlueStacks Rooted Superuser Mod
Google Drive – https://goo.gl/euj3wV
Mirror 1 – dl4free.com – https://dl4free.com/?2ya3f06j32
Mirror 2 – mega.nz – https://goo.gl/bJTfXR

Last version of Bluestacks 2 (2-6-104-6367)
Google Drive – https://goo.gl/guG2Km
Mirror 1 – dl4free.com – https://dl4free.com/?qp7i8dipmq
Mirror 2 – mega.nz – https://goo.gl/THvjMx

Google Drive – https://goo.gl/uVPNUL
Mirror 1 – dl4free.com – https://dl4free.com/?df3o75coat
Mirror 2 – mega.nz – https://goo.gl/CBTrGU

Bluestacks uninstall tool, two files in archive
Google Drive – https://goo.gl/PpaATQ
Mirror 1 – dl4free.com – https://dl4free.com/?kibkbh63pc
Mirror 2 – mega.nz – https://goo.gl/jGHGC1

Bluestacks support page

Bluestacks uninstall tool, older version

Bluestacks uninstall tool, newer version

Adobe Flash Player for Android – go to bottom on this page, and look for Flash Player 11 for your version of Android https://goo.gl/i9BrCG

How to remove Bluestacks completely https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZYs8MLQ1Ic

Video about other android simulators will be ready soon. Subscribe channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHrBqfI8v-AJz65YXWIEHYA

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