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Hii guy’s,
Today in this video I saw you that how to install the pubg mobile lite on your Android devices…
This game is not required any kind of permission.((example: if you doesn’t have 2gb ram or Android version 7.0 up than you doesn’t play this game)))
This game is fully pubg game the pubg mobile is almost 1.7 or 1700 mb ……but
This game is one and only 248 mb …..this game is the lite version of pubg mobile ….

.so guys you must be see this video because if you skip any parts on this video than I surely told you that you could not play this game .so guy see this video until finished

PUBG MOBILE LITE download link(no ads)


Download this game by this link and do what I do on this video …..and play this game and enjoy

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