🤩 How to install PGSharp, a Pokemon Go Spoofing App for Android or PC.

💯 working
Disclaimer : I do not condone with using hacks of any sort. This video is for testing and educational purposes. Not to exploit and use it against other people’s experiences.

PGSharp is a hacked version of Pokemon Go. It simulates movement so you can travel the world at home. Android Version only, Facebook + Pokemon Trainer Account currently supported only.

If you don’t have a key you can search for them on these two discord groups. These groups also have nesting coords and other stuff. Many times they just throw the keys on the chat so you have to quickly type it on your device before someone else does it first lulz. Don’t buy stuff from these groups, unless they are moderators.

Discord group 1 (free non-premium 7-day keys every now and then) :https://discord.gg/Efsdp8
Discord group 2 (free non-premium 7-day keys every now and then) : https://discord.gg/BbWfFs
(They expire every day so send me a messsage to give you a new one)

You can check my second video which shows you how to actually use the extra options on pokemon go provided by the pgsharp extension : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8c6rKtDKE5E&feature=youtu.be

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