🤩 How To Hide Likes And Dislikes On Youtube Videos For Android Mobile & Iphone-2021

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This tutorial is about how to hide like and dislike on youtube android mobile.

If you not interested,just unhide or undo this setting in your phone.

There is no possible to see hidden like and dislike,also this trick not working or updating if you delete a content.

If you are using ios iphone this tips not showing up in that application.


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how to disable likes and dislikes on youtube 2021 :

1.Long time i have the one doubt,about how do i hide my liked videos and views counting.

2.When i try to watch the live streaming but it has most views and no dislikes.

3.Also the comments and subscribers are disappearing.

4.So how to fix this error?.

5.Just open your youtube studio app and then login your channel account.

6.And then locate your video.

7.Now in edit section you can press that pencil icon and then goto “Advanced settings”.

8.Here you can click to turn off this “Users can view ratings for this video” option.

9.This option meaning is it will not show your like button,which means that this icon disappear in bottom.

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