🤩 How to Hide Apps in Redmi/MI/Xiamoi Smartphone Without downloaded any extra application | MIUI 10

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How to hide apps on Xiaomi smartphones running MIUI or Android
In This video you can learn these things
how to hide apk in Redmi note 5 pro
How to hide apk in Redmi 4
How to hide apk in Redmi note 4
How to hide apk in any Android phone
How to hide apk in Redmi note 6 pro
How to hide apk in Redmi 6
How to hide apk in Redmi 6A
How to hide apk in Redmi 6 po
How to hide apk in Redmi 5a etc..

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Goto Settings, and click on App Lock.
You will be presented with the option to hide the desired apps by clicking the toggle.
When you hide an app, it is moved to a hidden folder. Its Home screen shortcut is hidden as well. The feature isn’t supported for system apps.
Spread two fingers on the home screen. You’ll see a message asking you to enter your App lock password.
After you enter the password, the folder with hidden apps will appear.
Apps hidden on MIUI launcher are moved to a folder on the home screen which is invisible by default. The hidden folder can be viewed by pinching-out on the home screen. Users will then be presented with a password input box to view the contents. Hidden third-party apps can be viewed in this folder. As mentioned, system apps cannot be hidden by this method.

The ability to hide apps is currently only available on MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM and will be available on the stable release when it releases to Xiaomi smartphones. The ability to hide sensitive apps such as banking, payment, gallery or any other app is a useful feature that is present on several smartphones.

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