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we all use smartphone now a days. But one thing is common to everyone of us that our phone got misplaced sometime somewhere. And we ended up wasting many of our valuable minutes in finding the because. If its on vibrate or on silent we can’t even find by ringing with some other phone. But you know you can ring your android mobile from any computer or laptop without using any app.

Thanks to google. Android mobile comes with an inbuilt feature to ring your android mobile remotely from any computer even when its on vibrate or on silent.
Using Android Device Manager you track your android mobile and can make your android mobile ring for 5 minutes at its highest volume. That is enough time for you to find your misplaced phone.
This is the direct link to find and locate misplaced android mobile.

This feature also provide you options to locate your android mobile where is present right now, lock your phone, logout from your phone and erasing your private data from your stolen or lost android mobile. These features will be covered in next video.

Check this video for complete procedure to ring and locate your android phone.

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