🤩 How To Disable/Hide Someone Viewed Your Profile Recently Truecaller Notification

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Everytime i get the following one notification message while i try to tab my android mobile notification panel :


Someone viewed your profile recently

Upgrade to Premium to find out who


This tutorial is about how to hide truecaller notifications.

But this method not working on ios iphone and other devices.

This video has english subtitle at same time tamil,kaise kare hindi,telugu,kannada and malayalam region people’s are can easily understand it.


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how to know who viewed my truecaller profile without premium :

1.Some user’s are ask how can i see who viewed my profile on truecaller for free.

2.But my answer is there is no possible to check out your profile visitor.

3.Which means that if you like to find your user’s list first of all enable this subscription.

4.Otherwise if you like to disable this notifications just long press on that app icon.

5.And then goto “App info” – Notifications.

6.Here you can locate “Who viewed me” and then click to turn off this setting.

7.Once you disabled this option in future it won’t showing up in your home screen and stop in permanently.

8.At same time in 2021 if they release any new update,some setting location may be varrying.

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