🤩 How to Clear Spotify Cache in iPad OS/ iOS, Android and Windows

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In this video, I will demonstrate how you can delete cache from Spotify app for Android, iPad OS and Windows PC.
Android App
Open your app, in the top right corner, you will find the settings icon, click on that. In the settings page, navigate down to Storage settings. Just below the storage option you will find the option which says, delete cache. Click on that, you will see a prompt like this which says your downloads won’t be affected, click on the delete cache option and you’re done. Alternatively, you can use the app setting in Android and delete the cache as well.
iPad/ iOS App
In your iPad or iOS app, open Spotify, go to the settings option on the top right and navigate to the storage option, there you will find an option to delete cache, use that button to delete your cache. When the prompt comes, select the delete cache option.
Windows PC App

Open the app and in the top right click on your account name, you will see the settings option, click on settings, scroll down and click on show advanced settings, scroll down and find the option which says “offline storage location”. Note down that location and navigate to that location using explorer. Make sure that you are inside the storage folder, after which select all and delete. If you have not closed the app, you will observe that the information file can’t be deleted and as soon as you delete the sub-folders, the app will start rebuilding the same. No need to worry about that. If you want to see them deleted, close the Spotify app and then delete the files.
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