🤩 How to change app icon size for your android device (Note 8)

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In case if you want to change the size of the app icons on your android device then what you do is:

1. Tap and hold on the home screen.
2. Go to “Home screen settings” here.
3. Now you have two options. You can change the size of the app icons on the home screen or you can change the size of the app icons inside the home screen.
4. So, let me select at first home screen grid.
5. Now these are the icons on the home screen.
6. So, right now it is 5×6. If I select 4×5 you can see the app icon size has increased a little bit.
7. Select “Apply” once you do it and the size of the icons on home screen is bigger.
8. Now in case if you want to change the size of the app icons inside the home screen then again tap and hold on the home screen here.
9. Go to “Home screen settings”.
10. Go to “Apps screen grid”.
11. Right now it is 5×6.
12. So, select 4×6 and you can see the size of the app icons has little bit increased.
13. Select “Apply”.
14. You can see the size of the app is little bit big.


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