🤩 How to block websites on Android with FocusON App (no root access needed)

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Focus Out Distractions is an App that is your OFF button to your digital world, for when you need one.

This app is perfect for you if you have a big exam or a deadline coming up and you really need to focus. You don’t want to turn off your smartphone because you might actually get a call or some important message, but at the same time you want to not get distracted by apps like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. … whatever eats your time up. Select the culprit apps for you and block them.

This FREE – NO ADS app is for anyone who wants to block any distracting apps for certain amount of time. Simple select apps to block, how long you want to block them for and you are done!

Life is short so use your time wisely!

Try it out … leave a review … suggest a feature ….. 🙂


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Focus-Out-Distractions/600414953412856

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/focus_out

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