🤩 How to block sms on android if you don't have inbuilt function to do so

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Hello everyone and welcome to my YouTube channel and in this video today we will see how to block a particular number from sending you an sms in your android device if you don’t have the inbuilt function to do so. For this one we are going to download and use an app called “SMS blocker”. Once you install the app, select “Open”. Now you need to let this application be the default messaging application. it means that you will use this application to receive the SMS, send the SMS or read the SMS . Select “OK”. Now select “OK”. Once you select this Ok you won’t be able to use the default SMs app. Now select “Add contact”. You need to enter the number or else you can go to this here and select “From contacts” and then you can search the contact whom you want to block. so, after you select the contact then you have three options here. You can either block the call from this person also or else if you want you can just block the SMS only. So, select the feature which you want to enable, like I want to enable only the “Block SMS” and also I want to enable this notification. You will get the notifications. After that Select “Add contact”. So, once you do that one you have successfully blocked this number from sending you an SMS. Now in case if you want to unblock this number, just select this number here. Then what you can do is you can either delete the number or else you can just disable all of this options.

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