🤩 How to become an Android Developer | Step By Step Complete Roadmap

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In this video, Parikh Jain, Founding Member of Coding Ninjas, talk about the android development roadmap that one can follow to add them to the resume. Mobile app projects can be the X factor in your resume, and they can give you an upper edge when it comes to job interviews. Good app dev projects can be crucial to crack jobs in both startups and MNCs.
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00:00 Coming Up
00:32 Intro
01:26 prerequisites
02:18 What Language should you learn?
04:00 Android Studio Installation
04:29 Activity
05:07 Types Of Layout
05:43 Intents
06:47 Complex UI Design
07:23 Fragments
08:19 How to store Data?
09:32 Other Important Android Components
11:18 APIs
12:50 architectural code
13:46 Sensors
14:27 FireBase
16:59 Unit Testing
17:47 Outro

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How to become an Android developer
Complete Roadmap for Android Development
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