🤩 How to backup and restore WhatsApp chat in android device

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In this video today we will see how to backup and restore WhatsApp chat in Android device.

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Today in this video we will see how to backup and restore whatsapp chat in android device. Now for that one what we’ll do, we will open whatsapp application. At first we will tap on this three dotted icons here. Go to “settings”. Go to “chats” and then go to this option “chat backup” and from here you have the option to back up the whatsapp chat. Now you are going to backup the whatsapp chat in google drive and if you go here there is a setting here “Back up to google drive”. Tap on it and you have the option to back up the whatsapp chat either daily, weekly, monthly or when you tap it manually. Also you have the option to go to this google account and select in which google account you want to backup the chat. You can choose any of the google account if you have used more than one and then you also have the option back up over either wi-fi or wi-fi and cellular data both. And there is one more option which is include videos. So if you enable this button then if you have videos in whatsapp chat then those also will be backed up. But it will take more space so you have to remember that thing. So once you have selected the proper settings then what you can do is you can tap on this button “back up now” and the whatsapp chat will start to backup in the google account. Now suppose if you have finished the backup and wants to restore then let us see how to do it. Now suppose if this is the device where you want to restore the whatsapp chat then let us see how to do it. So I have installed whatsapp application. Again I will open the application. I will select agree and continue. Then I will have to enter the phone number and then select next.

So now whats app want to verify whether this phone number is for this device or not you have to select “OK”

and there are two process to verify either by sending sms or by giving a call. So at the moment I’m waiting for the sms. So you can see it is automatically verified. Now you should allow whatsapp to access the contact media and files in this device so that whatsapp can restore the chat. So select continue. Select allow to access to the contact. Select allow to access to the photos, media and files so that it can find the backup and you can see that whatsapp application has found a backup. So if you want to restore, select restore. Now the process of restoring is started and the restore is done. Select Next. Then you can give the names suppose i’ll just give xyz something like that. Next and now since I have installed whatsapp application, again now the whatsapp application will remind you to back up the chat. So from here also you can set it how frequently you want to backup. For example daily and then you can select the account no. Once done select done and you have restored the whatsapp chat.

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