🤩 Honeygain App Review 2021: How Much Money Can You REALLY Make Sharing Your Internet Connection?

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Watch my honest review on the Honeygain app in 2021 and find out how much money you can REALLY make each day sharing your internet connection. Sign up here to get a $5 credit to your account: https://r.honeygain.me/JENNI2C281 (referral link)

In this review, I’ll show you how to install Honeygain on both a Windows computer and an Android phone. I’ll show you how much money I have made in under 3 days of installing the app, how the app works, and give you an honest review of whether or not it is worth installing. I’ll also discuss how to withdraw payment and cashout once you reach the $20 USD minimum withdrawal amount.

00:00 – What is Honeygain and what is passive income?
01:36 – How do I join and get a $5 credit?
02:03 – How does Honeygain work?
03:22 – How much can I expect to earn realistically?
04:32 – What is the current payout rate in 2020?
05:09 – How to download Honeygain on a computer or laptop
06:00 – Navigating the Honeygain dashboard on a laptop/PC
08:45 – My earnings after 2 days using 1 connected device
10:48 – How to install Honeygain on an Android phone
11:42 – How to set a mobile data limit
12:48 – How to win credits daily with the honey jar pot
13:24 – Payment withdrawal details via PayPal
15:10 – My overall thoughts on Honeygain

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