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FREE Whack A Poo Toilet Fart Attack Game

Turn this day into the Funniest Day ever with the FREE Whack A Poo Toilet Fart Attack Game.

Kids as well as adults of any age (4 to 80) will laugh as they play this Whacked Out, Poop Flying, Fart Blasting Whack A Mole, Whack A Boss, Style Game.

To play you simply tap your finger on the screen to Whack the Poo when they float out from the Toilet and make sure to avoid the Flushed Dead Pets.

No Toilet Paper Needed in this game!

Each level has a timer as you Whack as many Poos as you can to build the highest score possible.

You only have three strikes to make it to the end of the game and each time you Whack A Flushed Dead Pet it counts as a strike against you.

3 strikes and your out (Game Over)!

Imagine the fun and laughter that you and your friends will have battling this Toilet Humor App.

*5 Levels
*Earn Points
*Free Updates

This Whack A Mole, Whack A Boss, Style Game will provide hours and hours of Giggles and Addicting Gross Entertainment as you improve concentration and hand eye coordination Whacking Poo.


This app is prefect to challenge yourself, friends or family for bragging rights and also makes a great and dirty party game.

Are you up to the stinky, Poop Splatting Challenge? Lol

Designed to work on all Android Tablets and Phones:

Nook HD
Nexus 7
Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire HD
Samsung Galaxy Tab
Samsung Phones
Kobo Tablets
and all Tablets…


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