🤩 Create Magic App | MIT App Inventor | Make an Android App(Hindi) | App Development Tutorial #5

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Hello Friends!
Here in today’s video we will see how we used a Button as a simple Click or Tap and make a Magic Button.

A button can be used in so many ways and we can do so many things using a Button.

Button Series Playlist Link : https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgi0nSMbgfMLV8RbkRw-EjQSUCvxLrT7v

Link to see our 1st introduction video about Android App(BUTTON SERIES) using MIT App Inventor : https://youtu.be/2Ut2CdM8UWI

Link to see our 2nd tutorial video about Android App(BUTTON SERIES) by Button Click using MIT App Inventor : https://youtu.be/b7skB9lqp38

Link to see our 3rd tutorial video about Android App(BUTTON SERIES) by Button LongClick using MIT App Inventor : https://youtu.be/j-FmKRvzk7w

Link to see our 4th tutorial video about Android App(BUTTON SERIES) by Button TouchUp/TouchDown using MIT App Inventor : https://youtu.be/H5xsqAL5g-Y


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