🤩 Block WiFi Thief App to Block WiFi Users: Secure Your Network

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Here is how you can block WiFi users by using the simple Android Application called Block WiFi Thief. This application is pretty much simple to use and it will list down all the connected WiFi users in the network. You don’t need to root the devices to use this Block WiFi Thief app to block WiFi users who are not authorized to use your wireless network. You can download this app from the Playstore.

Download Block WiFi Thief – WiFi Spy Detector: https://goo.gl/j6MUts

Here is the tutorial on how to use this application Block WiFi Thief. Let me know if you have any issues while using this app to block WiFi users in the home or office network.

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How to Block Users using Block WiFi Thief App?

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