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Top security apps for your Android smartphone

To secure your Android, you really just need three basic things:
1. An app that locates where your phone is remotely and ring it even when it’s not around

2. An app that can scan for any potential virus and eliminate it, thus protecting your phone.

3. An app that can protect important data such as photos, passwords, videos and even prevent someone from turning the wi-fi off. Specially for people who are very particular and discrete about things on their phone.

The apps that I have talked about in the app do exactly those things and even more.
These security apps are light weight and do not require much processing power. They do run in the background for obvious purposes, but you can always control that.

Apps that secure your Android smartphone:
1. NQ Mobile Security: http://goo.gl/5M0eT
2. Android Device Manager: http://goo.gl/qHpG0P
3. App Lock: http://goo.gl/oQipx
4. Lookout: http://goo.gl/aqETy

Hope this was useful for you guys.

Let me know in the comments section below whether these apps really help protect your smartphone or not as they do for me.

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