🤩 Best NEW Video Editing App 2021 for Android and iPhone

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Best NEW Video Editing App 2020 || Best Video Editing App for Smartphone in 2020. Best Free Video Editor App for Android & iPhone
In this Video i will show you 5 new video editing apps you can use to edit videos with your smartphone. i will show you the best free video editor for android and iphone ios .
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It includeus apps like VLLO video editor, Vlog star video editor, kinemaster , power director , V N video editor,

0:11 . 5 best New Video Editing Apps 2020.
0:42 . VLLO Video Editing App.
1:28 . VN Video Editor.
2:02 . Vlog Star – free video editor & maker ,
2:16 . Kinemaster Video Editor ,
4:03 . Power Director Video Editing App

*These are the app pricings of the Full Versions of these Apps:–
VLLO App is Rs. 799/- one time lifetime purchase.
Kinemaster is 4.994/monthly – 49.99$/ annually
Power Director is 419 rupees/monthly | 29949 rs /yearly and 849rs / qaterly.
Vlog Star App is Rs.249/monthly. Rs.749 yearly and Forever VIP at Rs.999.00

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