🤩 ASUS Wi-Fi GO! hands-on with Android tablet app version V1.1.01

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http://www.tweaktown.com Earlier on today we were invited to the ASUS headquarters here in Taipei where we got a look at a couple of exclusive features that part of is range of new Intel Z77 Express based motherboards. We got a look at Fan Xpert 2 as well as Wi-Fi GO! We’re going to look at the latter first.

Wi-Fi GO! is a combination of hardware and software that is included in most new ASUS Z77 motherboards. It includes a hardware Wi-Fi chip on the board and lovely and easy to use software on your PC and finally an Android or iPad app called Wi-Fi GO! Remote. We tested in the video above using the currently unreleased app version of V1.1.01 – it should be released to the public in a week or two. It includes the following functions: DLNA Media Hub, Remote Desktop, Remote Keyboard and Mouse, Smart Motion Control, File Transfer and Capture and Send.

Let’s start off with DLNA Media Hub. This part of the app allows you use your Android tablet or iPad as a big remote control to stream content from your host (your ASUS Z77 PC) to any DLNA-compatible media player or device on your local network. The only requirement is that all of the devices (the tablet, your PC and your media streaming device) are all connected to the same network. After starting the sexy looking app and loading the DLNA Media Hub, you are quickly promoted with a new screen that allows you to select the type of media you want to stream to your device – pictures, music or video. In our video above we streamed a video and as you can see it worked quite well.

The second and last featured we covered due to time constraints was the Remote desktop feature which is my favourite function. As the name suggests, it lets you take control of your desktop computer from your tablet. You can kind of think of it as VNC, but in this form with a simple and yummy UI, it’s much better. It allows you to control the mouse cursor (yes, multi-touch if your tablet supports it) and bring up an included on-screen keyboard in the Wi-Fi GO! Remote app. There is very …