🤩 Artist's Eye app for Android

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Want to become real artist?

Surprise your friends by becoming an excellent artist just like that.
Artist’s Eye is utility that helps you to draw or paint with real pen or pencil to paper or canvas.
Choose model picture (e.g. photo) and while you draw watch your drawing through the phone or tablet (that need to have camera).
Model will be shown semi-transparent on the top of your ongoing drawing helping you to outline the contours.
It is best if you can attach phone to some kind of support stand so that it stays still and both hands are free.
This is not cheating but a new way of working and learning as well.

This app got Honorable Mention in Most Innovative App category in Best App Ever Awards 2013 http://web.archive.org/web/20130607181241/http://www.bestappever.com/android/awards/2013/winner/iapp
and 2nd place in Best Art App category in Best App Ever Awards 2014 http://www.bestappever.com/android/awards/2014/winner/rtst

Android Galaxy 10.1″ tab was used in this trailer video.


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