🤩 Antivirus Fast & Safe Boost For Android

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Be Safe from virus!
With Antivirus Fast & Safe Boost™ you can now block and remove all virus!
Protect and enhance your Android phone or tablet performance!
Did you know that if you have an Android phone and after few days, it starts to get slower and the battery drains faster, it is possible that your cellphone has a virus! Download and install this free antivirus tool and protect yourself with this premium internet security solution.
Antivirus Fast & Safe Boost™ is an antivirus with 100% detection rate, offering you protection against mobile data loss and threats that target Android OS.
Enjoy the web and shopping online, like never before! We have the best protection against harmful virus infections, malware, spyware, suspicious hidden files and trojans.
If you have a rooted device, Antivirus Fast & Safe Boost™ will also work as a firewall, blocking unwanted visitors ad hackers. This is the best existing free security application!
This security app is also very lightweight. Doesn’t overload traffic and its virus data base is continuously updated with the latest malware infections like viruses, worms or Trojan horses.
Tap to scan and with just a few seconds scanner, you will protect your device, keeping all your private data safe.
This astonishing free tool will automatic scan all downloaded applications and files. Relax… search, shop and use social networks safely.
Be confident while browsing the web, because our antivirus will be aware of app vulnerabilities and wi-fi threats!
Our antivirus act as a virus tracker, enabling and removing malicious content, boosting your device with one on-demand scan that you can activate or manage any time you want.
Astonishing features:
Mobile Security and Protection
Strong virus detection and protection against malware, spyware and trojan horses
Phishing attacks and hackers blocker
Low resource usage (uses little resource and memory)
Great user interface, extremely user friendly
Antivirus database updated regularly
Very lightweight and fast
Realtime security scanner
Scan installed apps, memory card and new downloaded files
Suitable for any Android device
System cleaner integrated
Scheduled scanning of apps, settings, files
Smart Notifications
Scan automatically initiated when an app is installed
Completely Free
Do you want to keep your Android protected, clean and in full speed? We’ll Make It hAppen!

Antivirus Fast & Safe Boost™ we’re fast, we’re serious, and we’re 100% Free – Only on Google Play!

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