🤩 Android / App Store Drag Racing How To Tune A Level 1 RX-8 12.385 s 1/4 Mile!

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New Tune Level 1 RX-8 12.372s 1/4 Mile

Fastest time so far on my iPad: http://www.twitpic.com/734e9t
This a walkthrough on what car is the best for level 1 in drag racing for the iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch & also any Android phone.
Tune set up:

Nitrous Duration: 4.38s @ 68%
Final Drive: 4.594
1st Gear: 3.870
2nd Gear: 3.190
3rd Gear: 1.900
4th Gear: 1.650
5th Gear: 1.430
6th Gear: 1.220

This tune is for a level 1 Mazda rx8 1/4 mile.

The best time I get on my phone while using 2 hands is a 12.385.

Thank You For Watching!

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