🤩 ABC – Magnetic Alphabet – Best iPad/iPhone/Android App to teach your kids the Alphabet!

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Available on the app store! iPad: http://bit.ly/azbWhL iPhone/iPod touch: http://bit.ly/94N6mZ Android: http://bit.ly/1gMxMPG

Magnetic Alphabet is the hi-tech edition of the classic magnetic board game. The development of the application comes from our experience with children: we all have children or grandchildren between 3 and 10 and we noticed that their best games are the simple and immediate ones.

Sophisticated games leave little to their imagination, while the old magnetic board with a handful of colored letters allows them to free their imagination.

Transforming this experience into a game for iPad was natural: magnetic alphabet contains 95 different pieces in 6 colors, for a total of 570 magnets to be placed freely on the board: a real stimulus for imagination and creativity of our children, without the stress of having to learn features and rules typical of more complex games.

The magnetic alphabet is suitable for children of all ages, both those who already write and those who have yet to learn the alphabet.
Knowing the alphabet and numbers in preschool age helps children deal with school more certainty: this game is the ideal tool to start to become familiar with letters and numbers in the lightest and most enjoyable way.
For children who have already started the school it’s a great way to combine playing and learning, thus making it more pleasant.

It is a good opportunity to play with our children teaching them something: maybe this is the most important thing!

It is also a great diversion for those times when kids get bored as long trips, restaurant dinners, parties with friends: unavoidable situations that are easily solved with the magnetic alphabet.

Key features:
* More than 1250 pieces available (including expansions)!
* Alphabet, numbers, signs, shapes and themed sets
* 11 different backgrounds
* Themes composed by a set of magnets and a background
* Resize and rotate magnets
* Set the default size for magnets
* Every single magnet can be used more than once
* Save the composition as image locally
* No need to pick up dozens of pieces all around the room when the game ends!

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