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DOWNLOAD Best FREE Secure Messaging Apps 2021
Signal Messenger – Best WhatsApp Alternatives 2021 – http://bit.ly/3oM70R9
Telegram – Best WhatsApp Alternatives 2021 – http://bit.ly/3oM70R9
Hike – Best WhatsApp Alternatives 2021 – http://bit.ly/3oM70R9
Wire – Best WhatsApp Alternatives 2021 – http://bit.ly/3oM70R9
Keybase – Best WhatsApp Alternatives 2021 – http://bit.ly/3oM70R9
Viber – Best WhatsApp Alternatives 2021 – http://bit.ly/3oM70R9
Skype – Best WhatsApp Alternatives 2021 – http://bit.ly/3oM70R9

WhatsApp recently updated its terms of service that forces users to accept giving personal information to other Facebook-owned services that compromise your privacy. Since data is shared with other Facebook services, the company might “use the information.
That kind of makes sense since there are rumours of WhatsApp serving ads to its users within the app.

Having said that, if you prefer to keep your data private and do not wish to see ads in the application, there are plenty of WhatsApp alternatives you can look at. So, here some of the best alternatives to WhatsApp that maintains your privacy and keeps your information secure.

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