🤩 6 Best Apps to Add Text to Photos (iOS & Android) in 2021

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Adding text to photos is common, but how do you select the ideal app? The video covers the 6 best apps to add text to photos in 2021 (Android and iOS)

These apps offer some of the great text adding features these days.

7 Best Apps to Add Text to Photos (article): https://www.mksguide.com/best-apps-to-add-text-to-photos/

1. TextArt (Android – Allows adding and managing multiple texts and offers a lot of tools)
2. PicsArt (Android & iOS – Offers fewer text options, but good if you want to edit the photo as well)
3. Text on Photo (Android – Similar to TextArt, but a couple of features might not be available)
4. Photoshop Express (iOS – Better on iOS as the Android version is less advanced. Offers fewer text features, but good if you want to edit the photo as well)
5. Adobe Spark (Android & iOS – Offer amazing text editing features. Adds a watermark but can export in the same resolution)
6. Phonto (Android and iOS – Offer great tools. Simple but powerful)

All those apps offer popular features such as fonts, font size, colour, opacity, background, and curving.

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My website: https://www.mksguide.com

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