🤩 3 best apps to transfer Files from PC to android using wifi | without usb

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This video demonstrates sharing of content between PC & android. You don’t need a OTG or USB cable, all that is needed is a wifi router. After trying my hands on many apps i have picked the 3 best for this purpose.

Apps demo in this video:
File Expert HD – Apart from sharing content, this is also a amazing file manager.

Can provide preview of image on screen
Can play audio without download.
Can open android memory card on browser as well as windows explorer.

Interface is not user friendly.
App needs complete control of device to allow user to delete folders from SD card or make new folder.

2. Feem V4 : Easy to use as both PC and android need to install this app, devices connect automatically.

This app can connect with other device even without wifi router.
No fancy layout, plain action oriented attachment button.
Additional functionality of chat between devices.

Pop up for pro version upgrade comes every 5 minutes.
Good info on company blog page, which is part of website – https://feemhq.wordpress.com/

3. Xender: Xender has always been popular app for file transfer between android devices, it also has a web interface that can be reached from – web.xender.com

Pros: Amazing interface, divides content into categories in the layout.
Option to connect to PC through QR code scan.
App continues to work in background, even if it is minimized on android device.

No option to function without wifi router, like Feem provides that.

Verdict: There are other many other apps that help to establish connection between pc and android device. Some of the popular apps are: air droid, Push bullet, solid explorer, infinit, portal, Shareit ( now connect2).

After trying my hands on all the above apps, i picked up the 3 best ones for you, listed in this tutorial.
About the creator of this video:

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