🤩 #3 ANDROID STUDIO 4.0.1 tutorial (Hello world) Make your first app. NEW (2020)

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Android application development tutorial. Updated make your first app with android studio 4.0.1 version. Android Studio 4.0.1 is latest version 2020 stable version.
Get all Latest source code 2020: https://www.nextgenearn.com/attraction-android-updated-source-code/
Other 5 Software IDE to make Android app more quickly – https://www.nextgenearn.com/top-5-best-software-make-android-app-2017/
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What’s new in Android Studio –
Android studio code is now supporting Kotlin next big thing. But Java in its position although Kotlin code is came across.

Android new version Oreo and last version Lollipop Marshmallow with API 25 android hello world tutorial is working well.

Learn with direct code copy paste android source code –

https://youtu.be/YT7aqcNpQs8 – Hello World

Android studio complete source code with Kotlin coming soon with Android studio 3.0

Android studio 2.3.2 tutorial playlist.
Android studio 2.1+ complete tutorial – below link of Playlist
https://goo.gl/g0WdeC No deprecation.

Now learn with Android Studio 2.1 to 2.3.3 complete guide. Avoid deprecated code.

Android tutorial video
Learn android programming step by step
Android tutorials for beginners get all the videos with step guide learn android Hello World.

java (programming language) hello world is best easy to understand android studio basic.

Here is complete android app development course with new unique videos.

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Please watch: “Android Studio 2.3.3 – Show installed application in android | Fresh Content 2017 | **Source Code **”


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