🤩 19 Dice App – Android Q App Development Mastery Course – Build 20+ Apps

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19 Dice App – eLearning Education
Lesson 03 – Learning Android App (Getting Started with Android App Development)
eLearning Education

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Genre : eLearning Education
Topic : Android Q #App #Development Mastery #Course – Build 20+ #Apps
Playlist : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrFrRPGXX0xWjoHi9Fjtg_im4Xhx4quAq
Language : English
Duration: (14 hour, 14 mins)
Lectures : 19/142

Site : https://www.elearning.automized.com/android-q-app-development-mastery-course

Complete Android App Development Course using Java & Android Studio. Learn to build Android Apps with practical examples

What you’ll learn:
Android #Architecture
Android Jetpacks
Android Q
Remote #Database and #Networking
Send Notifications from ( FCM, #PHP )
Google Services
Android third Party #Software’s and libraries
Android Persistent Memory Model
Learn to Write Robust Android #Codes
Able to build complex app from #scratch
Xml, Json parsing

Windows, Mac or Linux Computer

If you are looking for Complete Android App Development #Masterclass , then this course is specially designed for you. In this course, we are going to explore android app development from basic to high level concepts.

You will Learn

Android Architecture
Android Jetpacks Components
Google Services
Remote Database connection
Persistent Memory options in Android
Third party Library Integration
Xml and Json Parsing

and tons of useful stuffs about android app development

Want to get highly paid job as an android developer in 2021 ?

After joining this course, your chance of getting respected position as an android developer will be high because you will get to know about the actual development concepts of a High Level Android App Development here.

Who this course is for
Everyone who wants to learn Android App Development
Everyone who wants to join Job as an Android Developer

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