🤩 12 best Emulators for Android

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Join us as we quickly round up the best emulators for Android!

C64.emu – http://goo.gl/AM6XNW
ClassicBoy – http://goo.gl/fq6Qrk
Drastic DS Emulator – http://goo.gl/IG10Z5
FPse PlayStation Emulator – http://goo.gl/CKu2N9
John GBC – http://goo.gl/RQe0Bh
MD.emu – http://goo.gl/NEdj7b
MegaN64 N64 Emulator – http://goo.gl/B9enwR
My Boy GBA Emulator – http://goo.gl/9PLvvR
Nostalgia.NES Pro – http://goo.gl/em3W2q
PPSSPP PSP Emulator – http://goo.gl/MzsfaJ
RetroArch – http://goo.gl/TF5TxJ
SuperLegacy16 – http://goo.gl/1cUSJi

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