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Zombie Hunter Apocalypse Hack for iOS & Android – Unlimited Gold and Money Cheats | Zombie Hunter Apocalypse Mod APK Unlimited Money And Gold

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About the game:

It is a first person shooting in the hunt for it. Each mission, you’re tasked with scoping the town to pick off walkers one by one. As they pace their way to innocent civilians, you must save them before it’s too late with your trusty sniping skills. New levels will require automatic rifles and more powerful weapons.

The game reminds me of Glu’s deer hunting games minus the innocent animals and replaced with the undead which is more satisfying. There’s also one thing you cannot ignore, is the aggressive free-to-play mechanics.

As you progress, your weapons will use upgrades to improve rifle power, stability, zoom capability, and ammo capacity. This is where the in-game cash comes into play, as you’ll require having your weapons updated for more arduous levels. You’ll earn cash rather quickly for gun upgrades, but in order to unlock better gun types, it becomes extremely costly.

Along with the campaign mode, there are additional missions to mix up the gameplay including weapon trials where you use special guns for the round, unique layouts. There are multiple locations to unlock with different themes including Artic Z. These places look great, but it will take a bit of a grind to unlock.

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