😎 YU Yunique Review – Pros & Cons after 20 Days of Usage !

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YU Yunique Review – Pros & Cons (Good & Bad) after 20 Days of Usage !

Here’s My Review for the Yunique After 20 Days of Usage with the Highlighting PRO’S AND CONS !

Camera Samples – https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B8G_RIugB8wdUTVVN2tvanhfc0U&usp=sharing

This is the YU Yunique and I have been using this Smart phone for more than 20 Days and it’s a really good Smart phone for the Price !
In this Video I will be telling you some of the Highlighting Pro’s and Cons that I feel about this Device and Whether you should Buy this Device or not .

Let’s Begin with the Pro’s

1. Design And Feel In Hand

It looks decent , symmetrical and feels comfortable to Hold and the Back Material is really Nice and Soft , The Build quality of the Plastic is Decent but attracts a lot of finger Prints .

2. Calling Quality

The Ear piece on this Smart phone is Loud and Clear and I did not face any issues when it comes to Calling Quality from the Earpiece

3. Typing Experience

The Device Feels Comfortable to Hold and Typing on this Device is a Great Experience Throughout the software , I did not Notice any Keyboard Lag for the Most Part .

4. Display & Touch Response

This Device has a Good 720p HD Display and for the price its Excellent also the Touch Response is Really Good.

5. Software

The Device offers a Really Stable Software Experience for the Most Part . By Default it does not run on Cyanogen OS but Runs on Near Stock Android 5.1.1 Lollipop ROM and I feel that is a Good Decision by YU Televentures as the Device feels to have More stable Software experience even when compared to the Yuphoria which runs on Cyanogen OS .
But we did face some Minor Bugs with the software which we will be talking about shortly

6. Camera

This Device has an 8 Megapixel Camera at the Back and a 2 Megapixel camera at front and as of now for the Price its great and You can’t really complain , I will leave link to the Sample Pictures and Videos in the Description

7. 4G

If you are a person who mostly is not near a wifi connection and likes to consume a lot of content on the Internet while outside then for the price this device is great for you as it offers 4G support on both the SIM Slots provided that you have a 4G enabled SIM Card and a 4G Data Plan , considering 4G is the future which also makes this device kind of future proof as well in terms of connectivity

Let’s talk about the Cons –

1. Software Bugs , Freezes and Lags

The Device offers a Pretty Stable Android Experience for the Most Part but it is Not Bug Free , Sometimes while Multitasking the device freezes and sometimes the Bottom Navigation Bar simply disappears and you have to reboot the device to fix this ,
also sometimes when there’s an incoming call I was not able to answer the call

Now Please note that I did not face these Bugs Frequently and only faced them sometimes
And would request YU to Fix these Bugs with an OTA Update

2. Less Internal Storage

For the Price we can’t really complain but just a suggestion If you are planning to buy this device make sure you buy a Micro SD Card with it as it only has around 8 GigaBytes of internal storage and out of which around only 4 GigaBytes is free for the User.

3. Loud Speaker Quality and Volume Output

The Loud Speaker Quality on this Device is Below Average , the Volume Output from the speaker is also average don’t get me wrong its not too low for ringtones and incoming calls but also not that loud for media consumption . While using this device if i wanted to watch a video on youtube , i always felt the need of plugging in the headphones.

So those were Some Highlighting Pro’s and Cons about the Yunique

Talking about the Battery life , the battery life is not the best but it is average and should easily last a day on normal usage with low to medium brightness

So should you Buy this Device Or Not ?

I would say if you have a Budget Strictly under 5k then its a very good Value for Money smart phone that also offers a very stable android Experience . And also personally i feel currently its the Most Optimized Product of YU Televentures . So yeah definitely we can recommend this product .

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