😎 Xiaomi Mi 5 unboxing & Review (design, performance, camera) Bangla

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Xiaomi Mi 5 unboxing & Review (design, performance, camera) (Bangla)
‘Xiaomi’ also known as the ‘Apple of China’ for its innovation and inspiration in the field of consumer electronics and goods has again come up in the market with its new launch Xiaomi Redmi Mi5. It is one of the most featured smartphones of the year mainly due to its latest OS update of Marshmallow. Its superb specifications and elegant metallic design and on top of it the handy size and power-packed performance has all made it a new love for all the smartphone lovers.
Everyone wants to own Xiaomi Redmi Mi5. Xiaomi has already earned a lot of fame in India since its appearance in 2014, and it is all due to the delivery of its products which have high-end features and low-end price tags.Not only that, but it has also topped the popularity charts due to the durability of its smartphones. Mi5 being a flagship standard phone of Xiaomi has mostly earned the popularity because of its latest update of OS, super-fast dual-core processors and the highest capacity of RAM size till date. Wrapped with all the useful features that anyone can ever expect from a smartphone, Mi5 has succeeded in making a good stand in the gadget market and has failed many of its contending rivals. People prefer Xiaomi for its excellent features and affordable price.

Suggestions: Now it’s time to peruse over the detailing of this smartphone and give you some honest opinions. Since we have already discussed regarding every hardware and software details of the phone, every pros and cons regarding the display, touch and design, the camera sensors and the battery life, it’s time to judge whether this phone is worth buying or not. After all the research, we found out that this phone is the best we have in the market right now. The Chinese Apple ‘Xiaomi’ has truly provided with the best of the features we can ever expect from a smartphone other than an iPhone.
The latest Android ‘Marshmallow’ supported by this phone is in fact, a significant reason for its popularity as the phones presently in the market is directly not providing Marshmallow update except a few. And on top of that, a 3GB or 4GB of RAM is more than sufficient for a smartphone. Such large storage capacity and lightning speed processor speed along with Adreno 530 graphic support together is a rare combination we could find in any of the smartphones presently in the market. Mi5 is going to have a long run in the gadget market and buying this phone is the best decision one could make. So just go for it without any second thought.
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