😎 When Phones Were Fun – And Nokia Was Crazy

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You remember Nokia for the legendary 3310 that no one could break, or for the Nokia N95 that had all the features (before having-all-the-features was a thing). But you might not remember that, for a few years in the mid-oughts, while The Killers were killing the Billboards and Google was first going public … Nokia was going a little bit crazy.

Yep, it’s time for another episode of When Phones Were Fun – and this time MrMobile’s rose-tinted glasses are focused on some of the strangest mobile devices ever to hit store shelves. From the vase-like Nokia 3650 to the leaf/eyeball/alien artifact Nokia 7600, some of the craziest cellphones of the noughties came straight out of Espoo … and thanks to a generous loan from friend of the channel (and Nokia collector) Martin, those phones spend this entire video under the lenses of Michael Fisher’s stay-at-home studio.

Join me for “When Phones Were Fun” Episode 4: a throwback retro tribute to a time when Nokia’s weird phones helped set the tone for a new generation of smartphones!




This is the fourth in a series of MrMobile episodes exploring the mobile tech world’s most vibrant period in design and experimentation. In “When Phones Were Fun,” Michael Fisher re-reviews cellphones from the golden age of mobile, the decade-long span from the turn of the century to approximately 2009.

When Phones Were Fun: Episode 4 features the Nokia 3650, Nokia 3660, Nokia 7600, Nokia 6820, Nokia 6600, Nokia 7710, and Nokia 7650, all on loan from friend of the channel Martin’s private collection. No company paid a fee or otherwise offered compensation in exchange for this coverage, nor did any company preview or approve this content before publication.


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