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How to Read WhatsApp Database Crypt5 Crypt7 Crypt8.how to read someone’s whatsapp messages using WhatsApp database decrypt key.whatsapp messages are saved in database file in msgstore.db format and encrypted in the whatsapp crypt,whatsapp crypt 5,whatsapp crypt 7 and whatsapp crypt 8 (on latest version whatsapp) format.
you can find a database files but you can’t find key which is requires to decrypt someone messages.

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✅here i m going to show you how to anyone’s whatsapp database messages on pc.
Step to Get WhatsApp Database Decrypt Key
1️⃣connect the phone to the pc
2️⃣browse to phone memory – whatsapp – database and select all and copy it to your pc
3️⃣here we can’t able to open this encrypted database
4️⃣to open this database we need whatsapp viewer (whatsapp crypt-db converter)
dowload and install the whatsapp viewer the link is given below in the description box
5️⃣now open whatsapp viewer go to file select decrypt.crypt8 and browse the database file which we have copied from the victims phone
6️⃣here the database is encrypted to read the messages we need a key which can decrypt the database files.so stay with me i will show you how to get it
7️⃣go to play store and download the ES File Explorer application
8️⃣open the app go to tools and turn on the root explorer
to get the root permission for ES Explorer android phone must be rooted
9️⃣now go to local select device
🔟browse to data-data-com.whatsapp-files-key.
copy that key (whatsapp crypt key) to memory card and from external sd card copy it to your pc
1️⃣1️⃣now use this key to whatsapp viewer to decrypt your database files to view the messages
1️⃣2️⃣your decrypted database (decrypt whatsapp crypt7,decrypt whatsapp crypt8,decrypt whatsapp database) file is located at the folder where you have save the key
1️⃣3️⃣drag and drop the decrypted database file to whatsapp viewer
and now you are able to read whatsapp crypt8,read whatsapp database crypt8,read whatsapp database messages

thanks for watching how to read your whatsapp crypt7 database on your pc using whatsapp viewer.

✅Download WhatsApp Viewer

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